Saturday, June 9, 2012

Who is Peter Jackson ? (Part 1 of 2)

Surprisingly enough, I've never done a blog on PJ Before. But after due care and attention to my thought process on how I was going to approach a certain blog I had in mind. I realised that I've neglected to blog about the man (now legend) that is Peter Jackson.
PJ was October 31, 1961 in Pukerua Bay, North Island, New Zealand. What is known about him that set him apart from other kids in 1961, he loved taking pictures. A friend of the family gave them a 8mm camera. Jackson didn't waste any time and started making back yard movies. Staring himself and his friends. He started playing around with low budget special effects, usually home made.
At the age of 22, a movie which Jackson started as a joke actually ended up making a name for itself. The movie 'Bad Taste" was shot very low budget with a second hand camera and was filmed,Acted, directed and produced by Jackson. The project took over 4 years to do. A friend of his who was currently working in the film industry managed to get 'Bad Taste' shown at Cannes film festival.
It is now a cult classic.
He was on the map as an upcoming director. He quit his job, and took directing seriously. He went on to direct low budget (but well made) horror movies like ' Brain Dead'
It wasn't until Heavenly creatures that PJ was really looked upon as a really good director. The film stared Kate Winslet and made quite an impression on the film industry.
The Frighteners was the next movie to really wow it's audience. The visual effects, the shooting style, script, and the boldness of that film really got attention. I had never heard of PJ until then. But the Frighteners is now one of my all time favourites.
Although he had done really well up to this point, Jackson wasn't a household name yet. When he finished the Frighteners he set his sights on making a epic movie.A fantasy In the style of Tolkiens Lord of the Rings. After working on the script and always referring to the Lord of the Rings as his inspiration. Jackson inquired as to who actually owned the rights to the film. Surprisingly, he got it.
This is the legend  that is now told,and it was the start of what would be Jackson's life's work. When he was given the go ahead to film all three films, fan's across the world were saying "Peter who?"
The Fellowship of the Ring officially placed Jackson amongst the likes of George Lucas, Stephen Spielberg, Micheal Bay and Stanley Kubrick as a household name.
Winning 11 Oscars for the Return Of The King, Not only has PJ been placed in the spotlight. But the entire country of New Zealand. Weta Workshop. And most important of all...New Zealand film making. These movies have shown the world that New Zealand is the Hollywood of the southern hemisphere.
As you are all very much aware, PJ is finishing the Hobbit as we speak. A few more weeks of shooting and then it's on to post production. From a small boy playing in his back yard, filming his friends and making being a well know name across the world and forever tied in with the name of Tolkien. I'd say that Peter Jackson is an inspiration to all wannabe film makers.