Monday, April 12, 2010

The Tolkien Project

Seeing the movie Julie & Julia got me thinking. I should do something like that but in my element. So here it is :I am planning to read all of professor J.R.R Tolkien's work this year. Though it might be wishful thinking seeing as I am a slow reader, I now have a baby to take care of, and Tolkien library is quite a challenge.
But a challenge worth taking. I have been a fanatic ringer for the last decade and I would like to say that I have read everything he has ever written.

I am currently re-reading the Hobbit. I will venture to either Lotr and move on from there.
My Tolkien Book case is huge. I have all the collected works and books on every Tolkien aspects so I wont be caught unknowing.

I should say that I don't quite know how it'll all go down. I'll keep posting up my reviews as I am reading the books.

Now that my family has started, I want to read Tolkien to my kids. To show them the world I am fond of.

To be continued....

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