Thursday, October 27, 2011

Extended Edition Blu Ray Review

Even though I purchased this box set on the first day of it's release I waited until now to give my review.
I watched these films at different times during the last few months. First I would like to say that the whole package is well put together. Each film has 5 disks. Two of which is the main films, two are the behind the scenes, and one new never before seen behind the scenes documentary. The film make was hand picked by Jackson.

The Images are breath taking. Sure there is a green film  added to this edition to make the green's more green but it doesn't really bother me. Some people have complained about it and have done comparison work but it's a minor detail really.

The sound is the main amazing factor from these films. I remember cranking it loud when Sauron gets destroyed in the beginning of the Fellowship of the ring and my sub was shaking the whole house.

The soundtrack to these films is possibly the best part of the movies. I have a hard time imagining anyone but Howard Shore doing the sound track to the Hobbit movies.

Two things that bug me about this box set is, one: there are four previews before the movies. And it's the same four for every disk. When the movies are long out of theatres and onto DVD's we're still going to be forced to watch these four previews. Arhhgg!
Two: the behind the scenes DVD's are not blu ray. Only the films are. Seems rather unfair.
If your like me and you've seen The Lord of the Rings over 50 times each, then seeing them with the commentary is always fun. It's a different spin on it and informative. It's hard sometimes to remember what's from the film makers and what's from Tolkien. The two tend to blend in my mind these day's. Maybe I'm due to re-read the trilogy again soon. After seeing the films so many times there are somethings that bug me about the movies. Primarily the add on's by the film makers. But that's for a different blog, some other time maybe.

Besides the bonus 3 hours of footage from behind the scenes, there isn't anything new to the extended blu ray editions . I give it a solid 8 of of 10. It's well worth the $80.

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