Monday, February 20, 2012

Tolkien Artiist #3 : Alan Lee

Alan Lee  was born on 20 August 1947 in Middlesex, England and studied at the Ealing School of Art.

Alan Lee, Like John Howe, is now famous due to the work he has done for Peter Jackson's adaptation of the Lord of the Rings.
On the extended Dvd's we saw the story of how they recuited Lee for the conceptual work. Being a bit reclussive and hard to reach. But we are thankful they did manage to bring him on board. Alan is now working on the Hobbit movies in New Zealand.

Alan's paintings are vivid. The light and dark colours
bring a sense of realism and characteristics to the paintings. Like John Howe, Alan is a amzing sketcher. You might of see John and Alan in the new video blog from the set of the Hobbit and how they are drawing in 3D ! a new innovation in film conceptual art.

Alan is a soft spoken man, gentle and extremely polite. He does seem shy, but he knows his Tolkien.

He's painted for countless calendars and illustrated the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Children of Hurin. Water colour is Lee's main feature along with pencil sketching.

In the extended Dvd's, Alan lee's art is featured on the disks and covers. I'm perticualarly fond of his tree's. Narly and sinister looking. I do sketch a little and I always wish that I had a quater of Lee's skill. He did mention that, while working on the movies, some people comented that the only way to lessen the work on building the sets was to break his fingers. He add's so much detail.

Alan lives in England. And as far as this blogger is concerned, is the only Tolkien artist Academy award winner for best art direction. Again I must say that I'm ver much looking forward to the extended edition's of the Hobbit, to see what the process was like for Howe & Lee and the art concept they made towards bringing this amazing story to film.

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