Friday, November 4, 2011

The Hobbit Production vid #4

With this vid we are given loads of information on the creation of the 3D effects and the innovative movie making ways of the crew in New Zealand.
There's a bunch of great shots from filming, The scene where the Dwarfs come crashing through Bilbo's door and fall on top of one another. Of caurse the great and talented Mr. Howe & Lee's artwork for the films and how they are making drawings in 3D as well. First time ever!

It's got morsels of great shots. We see frodo very quickly. A shot of Bilbo looking out on top of the tree from the Mirkwood Forrest. A famous section in the book which so many fans ,on the, commented they wanted to see.
The work the art department and costumes needed to do on the visual affects. Makeup, costumes and background due to the camera's being used.

The film is shot at 48 frames per second which means it's going to be stunning in 3D and I am very much looking forward to seeing action shots done this way.

It's always sad to see the ending of one of these vids. I would love to be there everyday to see what's going on and how they're making movie history. But these vids are great because we do see a glimpse into the arduous task of making a 500 million dollar movie. Again thank you Mr. Jackson and crew for making us part if these movies.

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