Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Hobbit : An unexpected Journey Trailer

All Day, Dec 20, I've been watching online waiting for this trailer to appear. The release time for British Columbia was 7pm. But the trailer did not appear for me until 7:34pm. I was told by my brother (Tyler) to look it up on youtube. He was right, apple trailers failed me but youtube stayed loyal.
There's not too much to this trailer since the movie is not done being filmed and the special effects were just put in for the trailer, I believe Weta will have more time to enhance the shots later. But we got some good insight from our friends @ The One Ring.Net who did a shot by shot analysis of the trailer.
The Gandalf shots where he's alone in a strange place is Dol Guldur, Sauron's stronghold in Mirkwood. There Gandald find Thrain, father of Thorin Oakenshield, in the dungeons. He's gone mad and in the trailer you can see him fighting Gandalf. That is where Gandalf finds the map which he gives to Thorin later. All of this takes place in Unfinished Tales, but Peter Jackson and Philipa, Fran added in for good reason.

By the looks of it they added allot of Unfinished Tales related material in the movie. We'll see more of it in later trailers I'm sure.

The basic thing about this trailer is it shows Hobbiton and Bilbo being persuaded to go with the Dwarves on this mad men quest to kill a Dragon named Smaug.

There's a quick snipet of Troll Shaw, and Rivendel where the dwarves are being surrounded by horse backed Elves. The lack of love for the Dwarves will really show through in the Hobbit, in Rivendel, Mirkwood and Battle of the five armies.

This is a very cool trailer, And I am looking forward to seeing the next one already. Or another production vid from the set would suffice.

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