Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hobbit Production vid #5

A very intense vid from the point of view of the crew. Watching a big budget movie, we sometime forget the scale and production time it takes to make 3 minutes of film. With over 500 in crew around New Zealand filming the Hobbit, this vid shows us what the crew goes through. It's a massive operation. Everyone needs to be fed, watered, and taking care of. Including toilets.

I am in awe after watching this,500 million dollars seems like a lot, but you see where a movie like this needs it's funding. The vid shows Hobbiton. They filmed there about a month ago.writer for "Ain't it coll news" wrote of his experience on the set. He played the Hobbit that sells a fish to Bilbo (Martin Freeman)

We see Elijah Wood as Frodo again. Like he mentions in the vid. The first time he stepped into the roll of Frodo and Middle Earth he was 19. He is now 30. 11 years of Tolkien movie making. Warms my heart.

It's not to say this movie felt like a struggle for so long.With law suits, and actors strikes, and Guillermo Del Toro stepping down it took 8 years after the Return of the King to get anywhere with this film. Seeing it in full production is, to say it plainly, Fucking Awesome!

The vid ends with the cast and crew wishing the fans a Merry Christmas. And that's where I'll leave you too. This is my last blog of 2011. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a great 2012 (where we get to see the first movie An Unexpected Journey)

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