Thursday, December 29, 2011

My introduction to the world of Tolkien

In The summer of 2002 I was living on my own (21) and working a dreadful job at a meat packing plant. The hours were from 4:50 am to 1:30 pm so I was out of sorts with night time living. But I am thankful none the less because I met a friend at this aweful job called Aaron Borque. Aaron and I were both into fantasy and gaming and before long we ended up spending most of our weeks playing card games (like Magic, Star wars card game) and weekly role playing nights. Any free time was taken up on the PlayStation. It was a good summer to be a geek.

I am glad to say that I introduced Aaron to the world of Star Wars. Aaron introduced me to Tolkien. He asked me if I ever read anything by the old English author. I said no, I haven't. He showed me his book collection and I was urged to go buy the books. So I did. The next day I jumped on the bus, went down to our local book store and purchased the box set of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.Unknowing that it would soon become a huge part of my life, and that I would trade and replace my love for all Star Wars for Tolkien.

I'll admit they stayed unread for a month. I was in the process of moving out of my small 1 bedroom apartment and getting rid of everything to move to Quebec City for September. I had cleaned out my pad fairly well.Moved my single mattress into my empty living room since my room was as bear as the rest of my place. And there one night I opened The Hobbit. I still remember reading in on that mattress on the living room floor, a lamp beside me. I had nothing in my possession but these books. The Hobbit was a great book and it's still one of my favorites of all time. I would stay up late reading it and be happy to be tired for work the next day. I looked forward to every night while reading it, I would think about the story at work. I'll admit J.K Rowling's writing did the same thing to me.

I wouldn't start reading the Fellowship of the Ring until October of 2002. Once I had settled in Quebec city and my mind could focus once more on Middle Earth. I was working graveyard shifts at a Toy's R us in St. Foy Quebec. I read the books rather quickly because I was trying to Finnish the Two Towers before the release of the film that winter. I had no social life to speak of. I worked, came home went to bed at 7 am. Woke up at 4pm, read until 8:30 then went back to work. That was my life for 3 months. Tolkien was the only thing I really had at that time. I guess that's what shaped me into the collector/fan I am today.

At the time of the Two Towers release there was a lot of collectibles coming out. There was a store at the mall called Imaginaire, and they carried the swords, Armour,Weta statues and a bunch of goodies from the movies. Now I was flat broke and couldn't afford it (still can't) and I would go there on my lunch break to take a peak at the new stuff they got in.

Being in the age of 21,22,23 I was always broke. But I started collecting the books seriously by the time I moved back to British Columbia in 2003. I have searched my fair share of new and used bookstores. So this is how it all started for me. I'd like to hear your story. Just comment bellow or send me a message and I'll re post it for you.


  1. Love the blog. I am a big Tolkien fan and paint Tolkien inspired art joe

  2. Love to read your stories, it's fun to see how other people got involved with Tolkien. For me it was plain curiosity what made me borrow the book from the library as a kid. I was 11 when I read it and guess what was on my birthday list for my 12th birthday... :)

    1. It is very good to hear how others got to read Tolkien the first time. I gather the Hobbit movies will bring a wider fan base. Thanks for following Ravanel !