Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trailer #2

New trailer (#2( has been out for a while now but I wanted to take some time before I blogged about it. Since everyone world wide has seen it, and if they haven't they clearly aren't Tolkien fans.

Anyhow I must of watched this close to 20 times now. My first thought was that there's just too much in this trailer for me to focus. I had to rewatch it to know all the scenes that were being showed.
The kitchen scene is great, in the books though (as well as in John Howes art) they are in a bigger room. The visuals look great and I'm sure the 48fps will be breath taking in 3d. Now that I'm excited about!

Showing Bilbo running to catch up to the company, Rivendel and the white council and not to mention RADAGAST! Im not going to lie to you...I almost hugged my computer.

Great Troll Shaw scenes, and Wargs, Goblins and Gollum in the caves and the riddles in the dark.

There is allot of humour in these films. When you go to the official website you can see different endings. All of which have a funny ending.

Only 2 months away from the release of part 1, An Unexpected Journey, and I can't wait to claimed I've watched the film at least 5 tines in theatres.

Not to mention the blu ray extended edition! oh come on you know what I'm talking about.

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