Thursday, October 4, 2012

Who is Peter Jackson ? Part 2

Peter married Fran Walsh. They met in the mid 80's and have been working together on Peter's movie scripts ever since. Fran wrote for television shows and they wrote the script to Heavenly Creatures  (1994) They both got Oscar nomination's for the screenplay. The co-wrote allot of scripts but it wasn't until they were ready to start the screen play for The Lord of The rings that Philippa Boyens would be added to the team and form a power trio.

They would go on to write together for King Kong, The Lovely Bones, and now the Hobbit.

Peter is possibly breaking some rules and making history with the Hobbit trilogy. First he is using RED camera's and filming at 5K and 48FPS (frames per second) which is not common.
The human eye can see at 62FPS so this would make the 3D experience all that much more "real"like.

Peter, in one of the hobbit blogs goes on to say that some people said it was like having the screen cut out, and what lied beyond was real.

There has been so much negative responses to this in the media and plenty of Internet trolls making stupid remarks. But PJ knows what he's doing. The blu ray's will look amazing playing at 1080p and the increase frame rate can only help make it that much more visually stunning.

What must be noted here is that Peter is trying to help out the movie industry. He made comments on several interviews that the times are changing and Hollywood is trying to figure out how to make it work for them. The age of downloading and people getting lazy and not attending theatre box offices as much as they once did. The introduction of Netflix and rogers on demand and Home theatres being of great quality, Hollywood is hurting. Movies cost as much and pay less.

My hat's off to anyone who step up and says something.

Originally Guillermo Del Toro was set to direct the hobbit. But to to legality's and the amount of time it took to clear, he had to step down. The fan's had mixed feelings about having someone else take on Tolkien's Middle Earth. But this blogger believes Del Toro would of done a great job.
Jackson, Walsh, Boyens and Del Toro worked on the original script. His name might still be on the credits at the end of the films.

Because Del Toro back down, fan's were wondering if Jackson would resume the roll of Director for the Hobbit. It was announced that he would.

The films have been 11 years in the making. Many road blocks along the way. When all was green lit and the word Go had been given, the unexpected happened (pun intended) an actors strike in New Zealand. This was a great stress amongst the film makers and producers. Some serious thought had been given to shoot the movies in another country. Canada was considered ! yay Canada (it is rather a Tolkien Country)

But politics and New Zealand pulled together and the strike was lifted and allowed the actors to work.

Though the movies are now 2 months away from being released there is still another year of post production to do on films 2 and 3.

I've never met PJ, but I can honestly say that he's been one of my role models for the last 12 years. If you read this blog and enjoyed it, please leave me a comment.

                                                           There and back again......

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