Monday, November 19, 2012

Steven Colbert is a Massive Tolkien Geek

I've watched Steven Colberts show a few times. The Colberts Report is really intellectually funny.
But I never really knew how big of a geek Steven was until lately when MSN and many other news sources were sharing his rival on air with James Franco.

The two men are massive Tolkien geeks and were trying to quiz one another, who would wear the crown?....looked like Steven won.

Recently Colberts has been in the head lines as he visited New Zealand and the film set of the Hobbit. The rumours that he might have a cameo has sparked some nasty Internet banter from fans. Personally I would like to see him in a cameo.

He is a fan after all and has shown, on his show, his collection of collectibles. Aragorn's sword and even going as far as Using Lord of the Rings figurines to explain to the audience the Debt crisis in America. Now that's funny.

Peter Jackson said " I have never met a bigger Tolkien geek in my life. Philippa Boyens is our resident Tolkien expert, and when Stephen came down to visit the set, we put him head to head with Philippa on a Tolkien quiz - and Stephen triumphed. I have to say, his encyclopedic knowledge of Tolkien is spectacular, and points to a deprived childhood in some respects."

That is saying allot. Seeing as Philippa is a massive Tolkien geek, who in her own respect knows way too much on Middle- Earth to begin with.

As for this Blogger, I hope to see Steven somewhere in the film. He has earned it.

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